A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hyper Snake

You are the Hyper Snake a multidimensional being bound by the limitations of euclidean space. Use your powers of trans-dimensional travel to leap from one plane of existence to the next.

Goal of the game?

The higher score you achieve the better!

Fill the space with... space!

How to play?

left arrow and right arrow to steer the snake

a and d to rotate the camera

space to leap to the opposing wall

 to restart the game


Made with Godot Engine

Music is star-commander1 from dl-sounds

Space graphic is generated using space skybox generator by wwwtyro

Sounds from sfxr


hyper_snake.windows.zip 23 MB
hyper_snake.linux.zip 24 MB
hyper_snake.zip 26 MB

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